Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aramaic - A Living Language

A few weeks ago, I linked to an interesting article on Aramaic and other related biblical languages. I have also read from time to time of Aramaic being spoken regularly in a few churches or monasteries. While this is interesting, I just read this article :


It shows that Aramaic is actually a living language. It is spoken as a native language and is regularly taught to children. If you listen to the tone of the article, it is a big contrast when compared to efforts to save most other endangered languages, such as those in the US or perhaps Australia. It sounds as if the natives recognize the importance of their language and that they are the stewards of a tradition.

Aramaic is of great religious, historical and linguistic importance. If more speakers of endangered languages felt this way about their own language and culture, there wouldn't be quite so many languages dying out.

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